Garden Update & What’s Cookin’

I can’t remember what started it last week, but Jordann decided she wanted meatloaf for dinner.  (Maybe something on the Food Network?)  I hadn’t made meatloaf in a LONG time so I made some, along with my family’s other favorite foods – mashed potatoes & green beans.  That’s my plate above.  Here’s Jordann’s plate:

I’ve also had some questions about how my garden’s doing.  My tomatoes are well on their way to becoming monster tomato plants again!  I think the one on the left is the yellow pear.  Mmmmmmmmm……

On the other side of the patio is my clematis.  Remember I didn’t cut it back this year.  I wanted to see how different it would be.  I don’t know if I like it.  Now I have lots of blooms on both ends & none in the middle.  😦    
And one more photo to show how good Jordann is at multi-tasking.  I think the TV is also on in the background.  And often she’s carrying on a conversation at the same time.  

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