Dryer Balls

I know I’ve blogged about my dryer balls before.  Well, after using them for 2-3 years one is missing and the other one split in half last week.  I thought about buying new ones because I do like them.  I don’t use fabric softener because of allergies.  Then I remembered seeing some homemade felted wool dryer balls on Etsy.  After looking at them and almost buying them I wondered if I could make them myself.  I found this website that shows how to make them.  I had several partial skeins of wool yarn & several old pair of pantyhose that I didn’t mind parting with.  Here’s what I came up with…FREE dryer balls!

One of the wool skeins was from Great’s stash.  And I still have some of her cotton yarn, too.  I made these several weeks ago using yarn from a couple of big cones.  Just finished them off last night and put them in the mail to Baby Bekah.  Maybe her momma will scrub her off with these.
And these are in the mail to Michigan.  The tan ones are organic cotton that I bought with my 50% off coupon.

3 thoughts on “Dryer Balls

  1. If you do not have time to make Wool Dryer Balls, you can purchase them directly from http://www.WoolDryerBalls.com. Raveled Wool Dryer Balls will unravel at about 5 months use. Tennis balls make laundry smell like rubber, and PVC/Rubber balls have chemicals and tear up towels and hems. Wool Dryer balls made at WoolDryerBalls.com are 100% wool and (made so no unraveling here!) They work so well cutting drying time/no softener needed anymore and saves energy. The online store and site where you can read more and see testimonials is http://www.WoolDryerBalls.com. They are wonderful!

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