My Garden Report

Look what I found in my “salad bowl”!  Little tiny lettuces.  This was taken a few days ago and I noticed some little spinach plants on the other side of the bowl yesterday.

The tomato plants are happy!
I’m trying something different with my clematis.  Actually, I kept putting off cutting it back in the fall, so long that it started budding on the old growth.  So, instead of trimming it all the way back like I did last year I just cut off the completely dead parts and it got a head start this year.  Wonder how much of a difference that will make?
Sorry for the really bad photo — I did not Photoshop this one!  And here’s my little bird bath corner.  Still need to tie up my jasmine vine.

Oh, those are special rocks in the center bowl.  We picked those up on the edge of the Mediterranean when we were in Turkey.  Every day when we went out with the kids we’d pick up a few rocks.  Can’t believe we got back with so many!

4 thoughts on “My Garden Report

  1. Your clematis and jasmine will be lovely climbing on your fence! What a sweet garden you have 🙂 It’s still so cold here in Seattle that there are not many signs of spring yet ~ I can’t wait for some new green 🙂

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