The last of the Thanksgiving Crafts…

Jo thought Meowie needed a Thanksgiving turkey, too, so she made up this one out of felt and even put a little catnip in it.  The cat LOVES it.  She also made a piece of pumpkin pie so even though my post is “The LAST of the TG Crafts” there may be more pictures later.  Next week I’ll start showing you what we’re making for Christmas!

One of Jo’s projects this week was to polish the silver.  She thought it would be easier if our silverware was out on the counter and our cooking utensils where in the drawer.  So she switched them for me.  
She found some leftover veggie cans I was saving for craft projects and used them.  Yesterday I covered them with some of my fall scrapbook papers.  I just cut a 4″ strip and attached it to the can with double-stick tape.  
The family made it here late last night.  I haven’t even seen them yet.  And now I (& Glenn) have to go to work so Jo is entertaining them today.  

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