Crocheted Beanie

Look, Lauren, a hat that fits!  This is a different pattern than the one I sent Mark.  I still had to work on the pattern a bit to make it fit.  So I guess I can say this is an original! 

I think Jo takes after Great… she is a hat person!
I started off today unpacking the things we got at Ikea.  I got a rack to put over the stove & hang utensils on and some drawer liners.  Oh, and some Christmas things that we won’t mention yet.  Nothing too exciting.
After that we went to the scrapbook store in Antioch.  Met Angie & her friends there.  They were there for the crop, but I didn’t see much work being done.  lol… I spend my gift certificate and got some TG papers that you’ll see (hopefully) in the next week or so.  Then we tried out a new place for lunch – Rubio’s.  I had a fish taco.  They were advertising lobster tacos, too.  Maybe I can convince Granpa while he’s here to go try one with me?!?
Then we went to Kohl’s and Marshall’s.  Jo needed a new warmer jacket (see photo above).  I should’ve taken a picture of the whole jacket, but didn’t think about it.  Now she’ll be warm on her walk to school.  Sounds like Lauren’s cold up in MI.  Don’t think this jacket would be warm enough for her.  We hope to see some snow pictures on her blog soon.
Today I’m thankful for my big soup pot… it’s full of Momma’s beef soup right now.  Or at least as close as I can get to it.

2 thoughts on “Crocheted Beanie

  1. Jordann looks so cute in the hats, too! I just unpacked of of Great’s hats this afternoon – purple fur! Didn’t fit over my ponytail today. We got a letter from you today. I assume it’s the ticket banner, but we haven’t opened it yet. I didn’t want to loose any of it before we can work on it!

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