LOTS of Halloween Pictures

Our office is really fun on Halloween.  Our original doctor loves Halloween — it’s his favorite holiday so he likes for us to dress up.  Some of the employees spend months planning their costumes!  I did mine the week before.  🙂  Maybe next year I’ll work a little harder at it.  We have about 30 employees so these pictures just show a few of us.  It’s an oncology office and our patients really enjoy this, too.  Here’s Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf:
I think the best costume of the day was our pregnant NP who came as a man with a beer belly.  (Don’t worry, she didn’t drink the beer & the cigarette is fake.  lol…)  You wouldn’t recognize her if you saw her today… she’s really a beautiful woman!
Our day was really busy.  Oh, we FINALLY got our new shelf at work so I spent about 4 hours moving charts.  I was exhausted.  Came home, laid down for a little while, then got up & went to Fall Fest at our church.  Glenn & I were in charge of the Pumpkin Toss booth.  I think Glenn was sad that we didn’t get to actually throw pumpkins.  Instead, we had a fake pumpkin with the top cut off.  The kids had 3 chances to throw candy at it & they got to keep whatever made it inside.  It was fun… did that for 2 hours.

Jo & her friends helped out at the fall fest, too.  They were candy runners.
Had to take this pic for Lauren.  Graces first Halloween!  Isn’t she cute?  She gets to take her first plane ride this month — all the way to Australia!
Then Glenn & I went over & crashed the Rock party.  Met Sarah Palin & a voter:

Then Glenn & I went down to Jade Garden to get some real food while Jo & her friends finished up at the fall fest.  Their party didn’t start ’til 9 so we had some time to waste.  They wanted to go trick or treating but Glenn wasn’t going to let 3 15yo girls wander around in the dark… even if there were still a lot of families out walking around in the neighborhoods.  (I haven’t seen so many people trick or treating in a LONG time.)  So we dropped them off at the end of a street & followed them in the car.  Glenn liked this kind of trick or treating.  🙂  Oh, yeah, we made them give us some candy, too.

On another note…  here’s a pic of the hat I made this week.  See, Lauren, it doesn’t look that big!

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