Our First Tutorial – Halloween Spiders

Last Saturday we went to the Illuminations store in our local mall.  They had out all their fall & Halloween decorations.  One of the things they had was a bag of spiders!  Jordi looked at them and decided to make some for herself.  She was working on them when we Skyped Kim Tuesday.  Kim said her dd would love to make them but she couldn’t ever think of fun stuff like that to make.  So we decided to make a tutorial for her — and anyone else that would like to use it.

Here’s what you need to start:  
pipe cleaner/chenille stem, 1″ pom pom, 2 googly eyes, old scissors, and a glue gun.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half, then half again, and then half again.

Until it looks like this:

Gently pull apart and cut at the bends.

You should have 8 little “legs” now:

Grab each end of one leg.  Move one hand up and one hand down to make the bent parts of the leg.

They should look like this:

Put a small line of hot glue on one side of the pom pom.  She tried gluing each individually at first but this method was easier.

Then glue on the eyes and you have a cute little spider!

Jordi hung a few on our scary black light fixture to show you how to use them.  Angie said she was going to try to tie a black thread on it to hang hers.  That should be cute.  

Hope they don’t attract any of the real thing!!!
Hope you enjoyed our first tutorial.  If you make them add a photo to your blog and send us the link.  And let us know if you’d like to see more.  I may take pictures at our craft day and give you a step by step for some of the little books we’ve been making.

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