Washington, DC – Day One

No pictures. But we’ll have some great ones to blog when we get back!

The weather? Hot and HUMID!!! I think Califiornia weather has spoiled us.

Angie, remember when I told you that we weren’t going to stay in town as long as Matt? Well, we almost did! We rode the train in from Gaithersburg. Left at 8:30 am. We got back to the motel at 9:00 last night.

Glenn’s conference didn’t start ’til 7 so he rode in with us in the morning. He had seen some things on his last trip, but not the Air & Space Musuem. So we went there first. We met Matt P. there. He had flown in on the red-eye and caught the bus to the mall. After that he went to the Portrait Gallery & we walked with Glenn to the Capitol.

Glenn had to leave but the girls and I did a tour of the Capitol — amazing!!! Then we found this cute little French cafe and had a sandwich and iced coffee. Then the Library of Congress for one of my favorite things of the day — Thomas Jefferson’s personal library!!! I was really tempted to sneak a photo, but they weren’t allowed. We did the East Building of the art museum next and saw some paintings that were on Lauren’s list and a whole section of small French paintings which I preferred. Tomorrow we hit the West Building for Jordann’s favorites. There weren’t nearly as many people in the art museums as the air & space!

We thought about going back to the hotel ’cause we were tired. Instead we went to McD’s for a 32oz soda (thought of Lynne) and decided to visit all the monuments. Wow! Great. I can’t believe we walked so far.

I’m running out of time now. I’ll try to post again tonight or tomorrow morning.

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