Opening Day!!!

It finally came!!!  Opening day for our new church building.  It was a long process and a lot of planning for this day.  We knew they’d be a lot of people here.  I still haven’t heard for sure but there were 1260 seats in the sanctuary — full.  Overflow — full.  People standing in the hallways, etc.  Glenn was told we had about 1800 people!  
The service itself was really joyful.  Jon has been preaching from Nehemiah and talking about how we should view this new building and how much God has blessed us.  It felt a lot like getting ready for a wedding.  Glenn was in charge of putting everything together for today so he was dealing with music, who prays when, making sure we had enough food and places to eat for 1500 (which is what we were planning for!).   Actually, his first words to me this morning were, “It feels like Christmas.”  Yes, we’ve all been looking forward to this day a LONG time.
It’s amazing even to think about our location on Ygnacio Valley Road and how many people drive by this building every day.  Just the building itself is causing many people in the community to approach us & ask what’s going on.  What an opportunity!  I talked to one of the doctors in our office last week who seemed amazed that this is being built just with donations from our church members. 
I put all the photos I took on my Flickr account so if you’re interested look here.

Here’s Jo in Glenn’s office.  You can see a few of his Father’s Day collages around the wall.  Every year we put together a collage of our favorite family photos from the last year.  We only skipped one year and he was so disappointed we haven’t skipped anymore!

4 thoughts on “Opening Day!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!(Didn’t know I could spell that, did ya?) Can’t wait to come to CA to see it all and of course you all, too! What a testamony to the community to see this church go up!May God continue to bless!LOVEmomma-grandma

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