Look what I found!

Glenn & I were watching a movie last week and one of the characters was typing on a manual typewriter.  I mentioned that I’d like to have a typewriter and didn’t really think of it again.  The next day when I walked into my FAVORITE thrift store there it was…  a typewriter!  Not just any typewriter.  An Underwood manual.  I left the price tag on for the first photo ’cause I couldn’t believe it.  

From my online research I found that it’s an Underwood manual Model No 5 made in 1924.   It seems to be in good shape just dirty.  I’ve found instructions on cleaning online, too.  The most detailed instructions say to take it completely apart and soak the piece in gasoline.  Ummmm, I don’t think so.  I think I’ll try the alcohol method without taking it apart.  🙂  Does anyone have any experience cleaning/repairing a typewriter this old? 
Supposedly it’s portable, but it’s about 30 pounds!

Grandpa, do you still have your old portable manual that we used to type on?  Hey, maybe I’ll clean this up & type my article on it.  lol…
L & I are going to Ladies Day Away today.  Tomorrow after church we’re all going to Marine World!

4 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. What a steal! I have an old Underwood that a friend was throwing away….can you imagine? Anyway, I need to get some typewriter ribbons for it somewhere.xojeanne

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