Happy Tax Day!

Today was my day off but I didn’t do any big fun stuff like I have the last few weeks.  Mailed my quarterly taxes, made a mini-poster for Jo’s graduation (also due today), cleaned out my in box (found things 2 months old), paid bills, returned library books, took a load of stuff to the thrift shop, tried to get a haircut but my favorite girl wasn’t there so I decided to wait.  Oh yeah, HAD to go to JoAnn’s to get some orange paper for Jo’s poster.  

Since I decided to make things for people this year I thought I should try to make things in colors that THEY like and not always what I like.  (The reason for special trips the last few weeks for purple and orange papers.)  I’m also still trying to use family photos on my things.

Back to my day…Wow, JoAnn’s was having a great sale.  I restrained myself and only got a few small things and one thing that I had been looking for:


I called every book store in town last night to see if they had this.  No luck.  And today when I walked in JoAnn’s there it was, right on the front!  I’ve only glanced through it so far and all I can say is, “Wow!!!”  I may be up all night making flowers.  We’ve made some fun paper flowers the last few months — now I have some new ideas.  

Oh, I also went to the PO to mail a package to TX!  I’ll show you what was in it later after it arrives.  SE, don’t open ’til Friday!!! 

Meanwhile, the house is getting messier.  Glenn isn’t here and we’re just microwaving stuff (except for my coffee-soaked tags!), being creative, and watching movies.  

4 thoughts on “Happy Tax Day!

  1. Have fun making those flowers.All you girls are talking about getting your taxes done. Does everyone have to do them quarterly in USA or just business owners? In Autralia the ‘normal’ wage earners do them yearly.Alison

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