Craft Day No. 2

Today was Craft Day #2. This time we met at Karen’s house. She has a huge dining table where we could all spread out. Karen is a true scrapbooker and since her dh is gone this week she’s trying to catch up on her photos. Here she shows off her scrap bucket that a friend made her:

Linda didn’t bring a project. She’s planning a journal and looking into some new techniques involving paints, emulsions, etc. and didn’t want to haul all that over. So she watched us and read her new books. I may have to borrow these:

I can’t show you what I was working on but here are some hints. This is my supplies box that I brought.
And a sneak peek of something purple.

Having it somewhere else actually worked well for me. I only brought things that I needed and didn’t get distracted by all my other supplies. Before I went to Karen’s house I turned in Jordann’s paperwork at the high school and went by the thrift store to donate the load of stuff that Lauren cleaned out of her closet. While I was there I saw this and thought it would be good for holding things on my desk. Guess I should have taken a picture before I put stuff in it so you could see the design.

And when I got home I had a package from Analise. I bought some seam binding from her Etsy shop. I plan on using them on some Mother’s Day tags.
Our next craft day may be at Linda’s house. We want her to teach us how to paint! BTW, we missed you, Angie & Roxanne!!!

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