Another Trip to Berkeley

Guess what?!? I went paper shopping in Berkeley again on Tuesday with some friends. I even put the camera in my purse as I was leaving… then I completely forgot to take pictures!!! We were too busy shopping, talking, and looking around to take pictures. But I did take some pictures of the little surprises I brought. Here they are all wrapped up & ready to go:

L is for Linda…

A is for Angie…

Jordi was amazed when I told her I only bought ONE piece of paper! That is so unlike me! But I did find some other goodies:

So, that was Tuesday. Monday after Glenn got home from work we went bike riding. He found a trail that wasn’t too steep for me — Regency Trail in Clayton. And, of course, I fell right after we went through the cattle gate! Only the second time I’ve ever fallen on the bike. It wasn’t too bad. I landed on the dirt and don’t even have any bruises.

Lauren’s softball team lost another one. But to a good team. She’s at practice now then she’s going out to eat with the Senior Staff for their last meeting together. So that leaves me at home with no car. That’s okay with me. I needed to catch up on some things here — including the blog.

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