Analise’s Button Challenge

Analise invited me to her new Flickr group, Analise’s Button Challenge. So, here’s my button jar that I use for my crafts. It’s usually on a shelf but the shelf was dark so I sat it on my messy desk. If you look closely you can see parts of my Bingo card book that I’m making for L. Shhhhhh…… don’t tell her!

Lauren & the kids did make it back. We’ll probably be hearing about the trip for days. They’ll speak at church in 2 weeks. I’ll ask her if she’ll put an update on her blog, too.

Meanwhile, G & J went to Six Flags today. They bought season passes so they can go back whenever they want (plus maybe go to Six Flags Arlington?). Here’s what they looked like when they got home:

8 thoughts on “Analise’s Button Challenge

  1. hahahahh hahehheheh hah hshoo hhoho he!!!! (still laughing from my last comment) Love the buttons, too! I’ve JUST started collecting them for our school! (read: I have a jar to start collecting them) I thought they’d be fun to count & sort for early math.

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