How Does My Garden Grow?

Grandma & Grandpa… do you remember how big this was when you were here last week? Look at it now! I cut it completely back this winter and it’s grown this much in TWO WEEKS! This is a Jackman Clematis and will be covered with purple flowers soon. I’ll post another picture when it is. The orange peels & nut shells seem to be working so far. No cats have used it as a litter box since we put them in.

Remember, the bamboo is 6 feet tall:

And here’s Jo’s “salad bowl”. She wanted a gnome in our garden so we have one riding a snail through the lettuce.

Happy tomato:

And here’s what I’ve been crocheting on. I was wanting to try this pattern for a while and I thought this would be nice for a cool spring night. Bought the yarn last week at the quilt sale. G’ma, your quilts were much prettier than the ones they were selling.

Lauren’s not home from the softball game yet. We have our last choir practice before Easter tonight. We’ll be doing it FIVE times again. This really should be the last time we’ll do a musical five times. Hopefully we’ll be in the new building in April. Lauren is off school tomorrow. Jordann has a half day and Glenn’s off so he’s going to pick her & friends up and take them to a movie. I have to work all day — again to fill in for someone who took the day off.

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