Not Blogging Much

In case you’re wondering, as Grandma was, why you’ve only seen photos of a cat in the last week, it’s because I’ve been working more hours than usual.  I work in a doctor’s office in my free time — lol — and have been filling in for a coworker whose daughter had a baby last week.  She’ll be gone the rest of this week.  Then another coworker is going on vacation.  So I should have lots of extra hours for the next two weeks.  Makes for a nice check but not as much gets done at home.  And add to that softball season starts tomorrow.  Lauren’s first varsity scrimmage!  I think Glenn’s gonna play, too.  (In the “old man” league. lol)  

So, here’s a photo of a page I did a while back in a prayer journal.  I’m going to finish up some chores, then go put my feet up & crochet for a little while.

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