More Cat Pics

I’ve been enjoying SE’s kitten photos so I thought I’d share our latest photos. Again, J said she didn’t put the cat in the bag. But she was there to take pictures.

I think she’s getting mad now…

Lauren just got back from her longest babysitting job ever — 5:30-9:30 last night and 7:30 am to 9:00 pm today. Glenn was gone during that time, too. We had a parenting conference at church. Lauren was babysitting for a young family and Glenn was there to help record. J & I cleaned house and did some shopping and crafting today. We went to Border’s where she got a craft magazine. Then we had to go to Michael’s to get some felt and embroidery thread. She made some cat toys and soft monsters.

2 thoughts on “More Cat Pics

  1. Hi Ann, I am really enjoying your blog this morning and all your great creative stuff.. ! also, just had to say I love your cat pics! I’ll be back!.. bookmarking ya! thanks! claudia

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