Thankful for… Cookies!

We started our holiday baking yesterday.  Lauren’s senior club is having a bake sale today after school so she made a pumpkin pie and tarts.  We got our homemade cookbook out that we’ve filled with our favorite recipes over the years.  I was thinking how much fun it would be to have a cookie exchange.  But I live in a very small townhouse with not much parking space and most of you couldn’t drive out to California to come.  So… I’m going to have a “virtual cookie exchange”!  I’m still trying to figure out Mister Linky so everyone that wants to participate can include links to their blogs or websites and post recipes and photos of their cookies, too.

I think the date will be Tuesday, December 4.  I’ll even have another giveaway… maybe a box of cookies?  No, cookies don’t last that long around here!  🙂
So today I’m thankful for time spent together with my family — baking!  And here’s another blogger who’s giving thanks this month — There’s No Place Like Home.

6 thoughts on “Thankful for… Cookies!

  1. Cookies? Cookies? Cookies? You bet…anything to do with cookies you can always count me in! I’ll try to come up with a special posts for this virtual cookie exchange! I am in a real cookie exchange in a couple weeks so I can practice here!I rec’d your pretty paper flowers today! Lovely! Thank you again for drawing my name! I posted a photo of them on my blog!

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