This Week’s Projects…

Craft supplies are gradually taking over our house.  Jordann doesn’t care.  She says she’s more creative in the middle of a mess — she’s a real artist!  🙂  We’re creating more books/albums/scrapbooks/journals, tags, and collages — doing a Bingo card collage trade with Betty over at She’s Sew Pretty.  If anyone else would like to do a trade, let me know.
Here are two collages included inside a journal I listed on Ebay.  

I’m listing these tags on Etsy today.

The two paper bag albums below are on Ebay.  You can see pictures of all the pages there.

Also, I’m participating in the Etsy Texas Crafters First Monday sale!  20% off everything in my Etsy shop.  And this month I’m also including my Ebay store!!!  15% off all fixed price items.  Come by & take a look!

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