Hey, Grandpa, What’s for Supper?

After the last post, Grandpa asked “What’s for dinner?”  This is where the pepper and tomato ended up.  I don’t know what it’s called.  I made it up.  It’s good.  I sauteed the pepper and onion and added a can of ‘southwestern’ beans (combo of pinto and kidney,  I think, with a spicy sauce) and a can of black beans.  Then threw in the tomatoes and frozen corn.  I made it for some family friends that just adopted a baby.  We served it with our “world-famous” enchiladas, a salad, and some of Jo’s chocolate chip cookies.  (SE, aren’t you part of a group that shares their menus?  Maybe I need to join it.)

Lauren & Glenn are in Oregon now.  They called when they had just arrived.  Said it was beautiful and they were going to set up their tent and hike before eating.  They bought some dehydrated meals in bags at the camping store.  Can’t wait to see how they like them!
So Jo & I have already covered the dining table with paper, glue, punches, and doo-dads!  We’re not going to clean all week.  Hopefully we’ll get some things finished.
I don’t know why my last post was underlined.  I tried removing it but couldn’t.  That’s part of the Mac mystery!  (Angie, I need another class!!!)

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