Day in St. Helena, Napa Valley

Glenn wanted to ride a loop he heard about in the Napa Valley. Since we didn’t have any kids at home this week I went with him. He staged at St. Helena so I could shop while he rode. It was a pretty town. This building was across the street from where we parked. Notice the tomato plants and other veggies mixed in with the flowers.

I found a “wonderful” drug store! LOL

This one’s for Grandma:

I loved the architecture of the old buildings.

After about 2 hours of shopping I had to move my car (2 hour limit) so I drove around and ended up in the library. It was in the middle of a historic vineyard with some picnic tables and arbors. I met Glenn at Safeway, bought some sandwich stuff, and brought him back to the picnic area. Finally got some good photos of the grapes. I’ve felt funny about going into the other private vineyards we’ve seen to take photos, but these were about 20 feet from the parking lot with no fence and a paved trail through it. I want to go back later when the grapes are ripe!

The two photos above are at the library. On the way back home we passed the Napa Valley Wine Train so took some photos for Jeff, Alan, and the boys. This line travels along highway 29.

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