Vintage Kitchen Swap

Our mail came really late today, but look what came! Jo said it was like Christmas. These goodies travelled from MN to CA with only one small casualty — one of the orange bowls broke. Jo thinks she can superglue it. Does superglue hold well enough to use the item again to hold liquids?
I had told Dee that I didn’t have an apron so she sent me this cute gingham with cross stitch embroidery on it. Maowie approves. lol
I think Jo was even more excited then me! We love these lime green sugar/creamer set. I don’t think I even told her that I liked green.

I made cupcakes earlier today. Amazing there were still some left! The next picture is an adorable set of ceramic cupcake cups. I’ve never seen these before. You can see a close up in the first picture — I stuck one of my chocolate cupcakes in one. Cute cute cute!!!

Now I can post the photos of what I sent to Dee. But later, we put in an Audrey Hepburn movie and even Glenn’s getting into it!

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