Lauren had a date!

Hey, Matt! It was good seeing you last week — if you’re reading this, here’s the photo I told you I was going to embaress Lauren with! Her & her lovely “date”. LOL It all started at Lauren’s birthday party when one of the foods she requested was dates. Her & several of her other non-dating friends started joking around. While Glenn was in LA for the Shepherd’s Conference Lauren walked into the kitchen and said, “Mom, here’s my date.” So we called Glenn & told him she had a date. He was speechless! He really believed us for a while.

The girls said this was the best kind of date to have ’cause when you get tired of them you can eat them! So, her date didn’t last very long.
On a more serious note, yesterday Lauren went to a Wycliffe conference and came back with lots of info. They’re having a summer camp that she’s going to try to go to. Did you know they do a lot of their language training at SWBTS?

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