I went shopping yesterday. Supposedly for the vintage kitchen swap that Jenny is hosting over on her website. I did buy some things for the swap, but also ended up buying a lot for us! I’m not posting photos of the things for the swap yet just in case Dee reads this. Dee, I found lots of fun stuff. I hope you like it. I do! In fact, I’m really tempted to keep some of it! LOL

Look at this great wooden salad bowl I found. It was all scratched up when I bought it but it’s really heavy and I thought it would clean up nice. I washed it with soap & water, rubbed olive oil all over it, then buffed it out. Looks like new! And only $3.00. I also found a couple of jackets and two pair of shoes (new) that all three of us can share. (It’s nice being able to wear the same clothes as your teenage daughters!) And a new outfit for work for me. (The girls COULD wear this, too, but I don’t think they want to… lol)

Lauren had some friends from Fresno come up for the weekend. She met the twins last summer. They were on her Cameroon team. They’re seniors and this was the first “road trip” their parents let them go on alone. All three of them drove up to the Jelly Belly Factory Saturday.
And, Jordann’s taking photography as her elective this semester. She had to take photos showing different types of lighting. She got a pretty good shot of the hills behind our house. I love seeing them in the late afternoon. The shadows just get deeper and longer.
Glenn’s about to take the laptop away from me so he can balance the checkbook. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Good morning Ann, I see you spent your weekend that same as mine, shopping!! Found some cool stuff for you, I hope you like a variety!I also found stuff for myself! Life is good:)Dee

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