Update on Sunday morning

Well, it is Sunday morning. Tomorrow is our final day of service here. I have to tell you how amazing the team is. They have an energy and love for the children that can only come from the Lord. It has been pretty challenging that last several days. We are closing in on around 40 kids in a room about the size of annex D. Today it is raining so there will be no outside play or going to the beach, so it will be more of a challenge.

On top of that I have been sick. I have come down with the flu and had to go see a doctor about 10pm on Saturday night. I was having trouble getting my fever down and felt it was time to seek professional help. I was amazed how modern and clean the clinic was, which eased my concern. They took my temperature under my arm which also eased my concern not knowing where they usually take temperatures in this part of the world if you know what I mean. It came in at 106degrees. THey immediately gave me a shot on my bottom. Boy, it was powerful. It hurt pretty good, but worked pretty fast. I’m sure there was some kind steroid in it. Anyhow, then the doctor prescribed 4 meds. I had a pharmistist with me from the conference who came as my translater and to make sure they prescribed the right medication.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m still not up to par. So pray for me. Doubly, pray for the team. I would hate to think that they would get what I have.

So, as I lay in my bed I am able to watch the Hour of Power…LOL. It was nice hearing American hymns sung in english and a special guest speaker Nikki Cruse, gang missionary spoke, and singer Russ Lee sang two songs so it ministered to me. It’s good know that some kind of form of gospel it on television here, just wished it was something more solid.

Anyhow the team got to see the new Jesus movie last night, which was told from Mary’s point of view. They said it was good

I can’t tell you how good it has been to get to know Carey Young. He is really on fire for Christ…missionary style…and not for just the sake of doing special missionary trips. He has been telling me about the personal work he has been doing around his neigborhood. Carey has a great love for the Lord.

Chris is still plugging along. She has been great with her French translation. We have a number of kids who speak french so it’s been good to have her along.

Carolyn just loves on the kids, does crafts with them, reads stories, sits with them, etc.

Diane is like the energizer bunny…she just keeps going and going and going. We are really going to miss her work at Northcreek. Anyhow, tomorrow we will start packing stuff up and giving away certain items we do not need to bring back [He’s leaving his laptop with someone. And last year we left all the games, art supplies, and other things for the kids.] We will have an early start Tuesday morning, leaving the hotel at 3 am. I sure hope I am better by then. Then we will take a 23 hour trip back home.

So…that’s the scoop for today. Thank you for your prayers.


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