January Wishlist: Coffee!

January Wishlist: Coffee!

I am kind of obsessed with coffee. I love making coffee. I love going out to get coffee (although that gets expensive). But, most of all, I love drinking coffee. Currently, I have a Braun Aromatic Coffee Grinder (it’s not actually that price) and a Bodum French Press. I also have one of the Anthropologie mugs (J).

I have to have coffee pretty much every day if I want to function properly, and I have really bad luck with programmed, electric coffee machines, so I asked for the french press when I left for college. As I get more into my coffee making and developing the flavors in the beans and trying to achieve a really smooth and rich coffee, I realize that I’m outgrowing my french press and will need to upgrade to a drip or pour over coffee system to really get what I’m looking for.

If you click through no other links on this, please please please click on number 6 and read the description. I found this Cow Mug on accident, and now I don’t feel complete without it, so it’s probably going to join the ranks of my many mugs here pretty soon, and reading their description of it just made me want it even more!

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one of the Chemex or Hario pour over systems at thrift stores in the hopes of not having to pay full price for one, but I haven’t had luck just yet. I like the Hario Drip Pot because it uses reusable cloth filters instead of the paper filters that you toss out and have to repurchase; however, the Chemex comes in larger sizes and is more affordable. It really comes down to whether I’d like to make coffee for just myself or the possibility for a group.The Hario Scale and Timer will really come in handy for making consistently good coffee instead of guessing quantity and time every time I make a batch, and it comes out differently. Also, the Hario Ceramic Mill will be really great to grind the beans in a consistent way that will keep the oils in the beans by crushing instead of cutting them with metal blades. It also gives you the control to grind coarsely for a french press, and get smaller grounds for paper filters, and then smaller for espresso blends, and even finer for a Turkish style brew. The Hario Drip Kettle will give an even pour over the ground coffee and give control over how much comes out at once.

I live in Chico, CA, so we have an abundance of local and down to earth coffee shops to choose from that make AMAZING drinks, so I feel a bit spoiled, but my favorite chains that y’all might be able to find elsewhere are Dutch Bros. Coffee, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Happy Coffee Drinking:)

xoxo JT

2014 Word of the Year | Together

OLW One Little Word Together | read more at ducttapeanddenim.com

You’d think it would be easy to pick one little word as your theme word for a year.  After all, it’s just one word.  It’s not like I’m writing a book.  But it’s been harder for me this year than the past two.  This is only my third year in doing this.  The first year was the easiest.  I had my word before I even decided that I would join in on the one little word class.

That was a rough year for us.  My mom had died, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia, and several other things had happened that had caused me to start focusing on all the bad things going on instead of the positives.  And there were still a lot of good things going on, too!  JOY was my word that year.

As the next year approached I started searching for my next word.  After bouncing around a little I chose TRY.  I had started a business but was looking at it as more of a hobby even though it was growing.  There were so many things I wanted to do with it but was a little afraid to try them.  What if I failed?  So I spent 2013 trying things, both in my business and in other areas of life.  And I discovered a few things:

1.  Some new things I tried I didn’t like.  But I never would have known if I didn’t try.

2.  When I tried more, I failed more… but I also succeeded more!

3.  One year isn’t enough for me to try everything I want to.  So I’m keeping my last two “one little words” and adding a new one for 2014…


This was another one that I had a hard time choosing.  I really just wanted to keep the two little words I already had.  After all, I know them and am already comfortable with them.  But part of choosing a word is getting out of my comfort zone.

The deciding factor on this word was our associate pastors sermon the last week of December.  He preached on 2 Timothy 4:9-13, and spoke about how our New Year’s resolutions should be the same things we want tat the end of our lives, using Paul as an example.  The first thing he asked for was for Timothy to come see him and to bring Mark.

Fellowship was his point but this really resonated with me in several ways.  I’m usually a loner,.  I don’t mind doing things by myself and usually when it comes to work I prefer working alone.  But I’m finding that some things I can’t do alone and need to work with other people if I want to continue to TRY new things.  We’ve talked about this in our Tuesday girls coffee meetings, too.  How easy it is to just work all the time and not spend quality time with people.  So I’ve already been setting aside a time on Tuesday with friends — no matter how much work I have to do.

TOGETHER | Word of the Year 2014 One Little Word | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

This year I’m focusing on more of that time.  Time spent with the couples my hubby (the Music Man) and I are counseling, coffee with friends, Sunday lunches with other couples we work with, more family time, meeting my customers at shows, connecting with other artists, etc.  Ali Edwards has a whole class titled One Little Word that will help you create a notebook/scrapbook throughout the whole year.  I took her class the first year and it was a little more organized than I wanted to go into but I did get a lot of great ideas and ended up just making a JOY journal.  Maybe someday I’ll get it out and share it with y’all.  This year I found a more simple printable goal matrix by The Project Girl that she used to create goals based on her One Little Word.

Room With a Past | January 2014 Sale

California Roll Sushi Japanese Food | DuctTapeAndDenim.comThe January sale at Room With a Past starts Thursday night so Jordann and I went to set up our shelf yesterday.  We started off at a local Japanese restaurant for lunch with some friends.  Not my favorite but it was a fun experience.

The photos below are just some highlights from our shelf and around the shop.

Hope you enjoy them and if you are local come by and see the shop.  I’ll be working Saturday morning from 9:00 – 1:00.

Handmade Red Velvet Bracelet Display | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

I made a bracelet display from a piece of red velvet.

Painted Jewelry Box Handmade Bracelets | DuctTapeAndDenmim.com

This was Jordann’s favorite jewelry box. It’s great to display bracelets in and the I AM LOVED bracelet is my favorite this month.

Turquoise Painted Jewelry Box | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

This is my favorite jewelry box this month. Of course… my favorite color. And I love the hearts on the front.

LOVE Sign Handmade Jewelry | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

Love is the theme in the shop this month!

Vintage Lipstick Holder Handmade Earrings | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

I found this vintage lipstick holder last week. We’ve had a lot of these in the shop lately. Just right for holding my earrings.

Hand Painted Furniture | DuctTapeAndDenim.com

There’s always lots of creatively painted furniture in the shop. This is just one example.

2014 Goals & What to do When You’re Stuck in a Blizzard

Google Maps | Durham, Ontario, Canada | Ducttapeanddenim.com

So, we’re still in Ontario, but we’ve been hard at work discussing what our goals for the blog will be for 2014. At the top of our list- we want to post a lot more! We’ve decided on seven broad topics to cover, and some monthly and weekly posts! We want to have some guest bloggers, and we want to be guest bloggers. We will be focusing a lot on making graphics to go with our posts and taking better pictures so that our media content is better, and we can be more Pinterest-friendly. We will be highlighting our products still, but will also be reviewing things that we like to use, or want, in our daily lives, as well as, blogging about our homes, food, and projects.

Snow Walk while stuck in Ontario | ducttapeanddenim.com

We are currently working on updating our blog. We desperately need a new theme that suits our needs AND fits our aesthetic, so we’ve upgraded to a self-hosted account, and are waiting for that to go through so we can make things happen! So, that is part of our plan for the new year in the blogging world. And, for those of you interested in what we’re doing in our 12 Day Trip to Ontario, Canada, here is a preview:

Stuck in a Blizzard in Ontario | Ducttapeanddenim.com

I had bangs for about a year and a half, but I had been letting them grow out since summer because I got bored with my hair, but I realized how much I missed them and how much more put together I looked when I had bangs. So, voila, short, retro bangs while in my giant snow parka.

I cut my hair | Ducttapeanddenim.com

We’re enjoying time with our family members (Mark, Lauren, and baby Leo), but I think we’re all ready to go back to 65°F California and get out of this crazy snow weather and way-below-freezing temperatures. It’s time for one or two layers of clothes and sandals;)

xoxo JT

Giveaway Winners & Stuck in Ontario

McGowan Falls - Stuck In Ontario | ducttapeanddenim.com

As I write this post I’m sitting by a window in a guest house watching the snow fall and boys playing hockey on the lake outside. No, I’m not back home in California where I should be. Our flight was cancelled and the next available isn’t until Sunday! So today I’m thankful for the internet!!! All three of us are here getting work done on laptops, iPads, and even our phones!

But it’s not the worst place we could be. At least we knew the flight was cancelled before we left (Although I’m not sure that we could even get there. The roads between us and the airport are closed too. ) So we’re here with our kids and grandson! Quality family time!

Bridge in Durham - Stuck In Ontario | ducttapeanddenim.com

So all that to say that any orders made this week will be delayed at least a few days more…

McGowan Falls Bridge | ducttapeanddenim.com

We chose winners for our giveaway and the prizes will go out when we get back. Thanks to all of you who participated. We plan to do another in June or July but there will also be lots of changes to the blog before then so please sign up to receive our posts in your email or follow us on Bloglovin‘.

And the winners are…

1. $50 to our Etsy shop | Wendy Riggs
2. Sue Ellen’s Lilla Rose Page Clip | Katy Stacy
3. New Tribes Mission Calendar and DVD | Bridgett Arendt Lawson
4. Living God Hymns CD | Nikki Wigal


Along with the internet, we’re also thankful for warm clothes and snow boots:)

Snow Boots | ducttapeanddenim.com

– Ann and Jordann